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Muscleworks has been developed from education, dedication, passion, and experience. I pride myself on achieving amazing results in a faster amount of time then most.

Clients can expect decreased pain, injury recovery, increased strength, range of motion and other myoskeletal dysfunctions.

The principals and holistic approach provides optimal health in muscles and surrounding tissues which allows for faster recovery, growth and decreased pain. Don't live in pain daily or struggle with plateaus in the gym or your own personal goals. 

Lets work together and become the strongest/best version of you

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For the past 16 years I've had the opportunity to work in different health care environments that has allowed me to treat numerous myoskeletal problems and dysfunctional movements. Along with the experience,  I've always kept it my goal to learn from the best in and around my industry to bring the best and most efficient care. 

Typically massage therapy has been to treat the body with spot treatment approach. While these treatments aren't a negative way to help the body, majority of the time they miss assessing and treating issues in a whole body approach. 

When a client comes in for a session they have a treatment tailored to what their body needs, each session could be different from the next depending on the progress or need.



Grants Pass, Oregon

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